Yeshua Jesus Hebrew Name Necklace 14K Gold Cross Israel

Hebrew Jewelry

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Hebrew names are imbued with meaning. Even the most modern of Hebrew names has its roots in Biblical history or the nature of Israel. 

By wearing your Hebrew name, you are connected to an ancient history and the Land of Israel. 

How much more meaningful if you add your name to a cross bearing the Hebrew name of Jesus, Yeshua.  Your name is cut out in the vertical and Yeshua in the horizontal of the cross. 

This  necklace is hand crafted in Jerusalem. 

Your name may be up to 8 letters. 

If you don't know your name in Hebrew, just write your English name of any length and we will let you know what the Hebrew equivalent is.

The necklace is packed in a lovely gift box.

(Personalized items may NOT be returned unless they are damaged or there is a mistake on our part.)