Zaatar Hyssop Gallillee Herbs 3.5 oz Jar

Israel Zaatar Ltd.

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Za'atar from the rich agricultural center of the Jezereel Valley in Israel, in a 3.5 oz jar and shaker lid.

Zaatar (also spelled Z’atar or Za’aatar, Zahatar or Zatar) has become a popular seasoning among chefs today, but it has been a staple in the Middle East for centuries.

The perfect Middle Eastern breakfast and appetizer is bread dipped in fine olive oil which is sprinkled with a generous amount of zaatar. 

Zaatar grows wild as Hyssop, but when dried, it is mixed with sesame seeds and salt for a perfect blend. 

Serving Suggestions:

Excellent over salad with only olive oil as a dressing.  meat, white cheeses, eggs, pizzas, bourekas and other pastries.

Ingredients: Hyssop (Marjora Syiriacal), Sesame, Elm Leaved Sumac, Citric Acid, Salt

Kosher – Badatz - Under the supervision of Rabbi Mordehai Zamir, Jezreel Valley Regional Council

Give Back to the Community - this product is packed by workers with special needs

No Preservatives - No Artificial Coloring - Natural Ingredients Only

3.5 oz jar.

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